Today YouTube is the largest social media platform in world . Every Minute , over 100 Hours of video uploaded to Youtube . Lakhs of videos are put on YouTube daily, all of them are only aimed at earning money.

YouTube is considered as the best platform in terms of earn money online. But in today's time it has become very difficult to earn money from YouTube. Today the competition on YouTube has increased. So it is not easy to be popular on YouTube.

If you create your YouTube channel on a general topic then you will never be able to earn money from YouTube.

Now the question in your mind will be how to become popular on YouTube and how to earn from YouTube?
People also ,  What are best Youtube channel ideas to make money with You Tube ?
11 Super YouTube Channel Idea thats Generate 1000$ Oer Month
Best YouTube Channel Ideas in 2020

So if you want to make your own YouTube channel in 2020, then you have to make your channel on low competition niche .

In this article , I'll be listing the most trendy and most Profitable YouTube channel Ideas for you.

Best YouTube Channel Ideas thats Generate 1000 $ Per Month 

Here I Have listed some  of the best YouTube channel ideas thats generate 1000 $ per Month . 

1. Unboxing 

Online shopping has become very popular in today's time. Because through this you can ask for anything sitting at your house. So a video with specifications increase the rate of product selection for the customer . 

It has become a habit of people that before buy online anything , their review video is also watched. 
If you create a review channel on YouTube, you will get more success in it. You can start your YouTube channel about product reviews. 

You can make good money through the review channel and also you make money with affiliate marketing from helping this channel . 

2. Start A Prank Channel 

Pranking is a part of our daily life. Why should we shoot such a prank to make money from it? 
You can start prank with your friend and upload on youtube  . If your prank content is powerful you defintly make money with it . 

Because people are intersted to watching prank Video . In this Youtube channel idea compitition is very low and you make money much . So this is our second Youtube channel idea .

3. Life Hacks

These videos are one of the my favourite video . I also like these videos. I never get bored watching these videos. All these videos are about the things that work in our daily life.

These videos make our daily works easy.  You do not need a camera to create these videos. You do not even need to record your trouble voice for these videos. Only Background music is required in the background of these videos. So , you can esaily make these videos . 

If you also know any tricks that make daily life easy, then you can make a channel of life hacks. You can Monetize this channel throw google adsense . 

4. Cooking Channel 

If you are a housewife and you know cooking, then you can teach your cooking skills to people through YouTube. It is seen on YouTube that cooking videos get the most views. So if you create a YouTube channel related to cooking, you can earn a lot of money through it.

First you make your recipe at home and if your recipe is good, then you record this recipe and upload it on YouTube.

5. Travel Vlogging 

Who does not like to roam the world but this dream cannot be fulfilled by everyone. That's why people like to watch travel vlogging on YouTube. So that he can fulfill his dream sitting at home and see every corner of the world.

If you have a dream of moving around the world, then you can make it your career. For this, you have to start a travel vlogging channel. Through this you can earn money and you can also fulfill your dream. 

To make the travel vlogging channel successful, you will need a camera setup . So that people can enjoy travel.

6. Gaming Channel 

Currently, the second largest YouTube channel in the world is a gaming channel called PewDiePie. The channel currently has 104 million subscribers. 

From this you can take an idea how many people of the gaming channel are crazy. You can start a gaming channel of your own. If you do not have a computer, then you can also play the gameplay of mobile games like Pubg Mobile.

For a gaming channel you should have good internet speed and good voice quilty. So that the user can get a good experience and the user spends more time on your channel. 

In gaming channel you can earn money through both Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

7. Interview Channel 

This channel idea is very new. Through this you can make quick money. In this, you can interview a big YouTuber, businessman and any other popular person. 

You can make a celebrity popular by interviewing a celebrity on the interview channel as almost everyone likes to know about the celebrity's life. 

You can bring a movie start in your interview. Through the interview channel, you can earn money from both sponsor brand and Google Adsense.

8. Animation Story

If you are not able to make facecam videos for some reason then you can also grow your YouTube channel by creating animation story. For this, you need to make animation videos. Then you can also make a video on a basic story. 

In today's time, these videos are becoming very popular because now the number of children has increased in YouTuber users. Children like to watch this type of video. In our house too, children watch these videos very happily.

For this type of video you should have good sound quilty that children can easily understand and injoy. If you keep the children tied for 1 to 2 minutes, then the user can stay on your video for a long time. 

9. Motivational Videos 

In this busy life of today, many times people get demotivated. And they forget their Goal . So if you have a Motivational channel, you can Motivate other  people . If you want to start this type of channel, then you should have a good audio quality so that you can easily Motivate  anyone.

You earn money with google adsense and sponser videos from this channel .

10. Health Suggestions

Today people are facing more problems related to health. Because our standard of living has changed. So if you start a health channel then it will be right for you. People search on YouTube for any health related problem first. If you start a health channel, you can earn good money. 

For example , If anyone has any problem related to hair, then they first search it on YouTube. If you create your own YouTube channel on this subject then you can earn money from both affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. 

Before start these type channel it requires a lot of knowledge about health . 

11. Coding & Programming 

If you have complete knowledge about computer coding then you can start one of your coding channels.
You can learn coding of other people on your YouTube channel. 

For this, you should have a good computer and good coding knowledge. If you have both these things then you can earn well from YouTube. 


There could be a thousand of youtube channel ideas but these ideas are best for YouTube earning . If you start your own YouTube channel on these niches then you can earn 1000 $ dollars per month . 

I Hope you have come to know about the best youtube channel ideas in 2020 .

If you have any question about best youtube channel ideas in 2020 then you comment you question  below comment box . 

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