Today the Internet is at stake. Almost all the work is done through the internet. Everyone has an internet connection. If you too are reading this post, then you also have an internet connection.

Even business has gone online today. Because whatever service people want, they first search for it on the Internet.

If you also want to take your business online and want to grow your business, then this is the right time to do your business online.

Before taking your business online, you need to create a website for your business so that people can contact you.

Creating a website is not so difficult. But it is very difficult to bring the website to the top in Google search. Because today there is a lot of competition on the Internet.

Therefore, if you want to rank your business or any other website on Google, then for that you have to do proper SEO of your website. SEO means search engine optimize.

So there is no single book that you can read and rank your website. For this, you have to work very hard and be updated all the time.

 So if you want to learn SEO, today there are so many blogs on the Internet that you can teach SEO by reading. In our meeting today, I will tell you the list of such blogs, which you can teach SEO by reading.

Let's Start Todays Brand New Post Best Blogs for learning SEO

1. Nail Patel

Founder Name = Nail Patel

Domain Rating (DA) = 72

Neil Patel is one of the world's largest Digital Marketers. Neil Patel was born on April 24, 1985, in London, England.

Since childhood Nail Patel wanted to make rich but his parents used to do a simple job. That's why Nell Patel thought of doing something different and today he has stuck to this point.

Nell Patel has a blog which he has named Nell Patel. In this blog, they put up a Railited post from SEO, which is very helpful for a beginner and advanced level digital marketers.

Nell Patel explains all this according to his experience. Nell Patel keeps experimenting with Google rankings and shares his experience on his blog as well. I have also subscribed to Nell Patel's blog so that whenever he puts some new content on his blog, his notification reaches me.

Nell Patel has also launched an SEO tool called Uppersuggest a few days ago. With the help of this tool, you can find low competition keywords and can also see the analytics of your competitor's website.

If you want to rank your blog or business website, then you can learn from the blog from Nell Patel.

Let's know about today's 2 blogs from which we can teach seo.

2. Backlinko  

Founder Name = Brian Dean

Domain Rating ( DA) =  84

Brian Dean is the owner of the Backlinko blog. Brian is an SEO expert and posts his SEO related experiences on his blog Backlinko.

Backlinko is also considered the best SEO blog because Brian understands SEO in very simple language. You can get an idea of the popularity of Backlinko with the fact that people give a lot of love to their new posts. They also share it on social media.

Brian Dean keeps his blogpost always updated. Backlinko's email list is very long because anyone who wants to learn SEO definitely subscribes to Backlinko.

So if you want to learn SEO, Backlinko can be beneficial for you.

3. Moz Blog 

Founder Name = Rand Fishkin 

Domain Rating ( DA) = 91

If you want to learn anything about SEO, Moz may be the best blog for you. 

If you want to learn SEO from the beginning or you know basic SEO, then Moz will help you learn Seo because there is a lot of content that will help you learn SEO.

Big SEO experts write their articles on Moz. You will find lots of content on the Moz blog that will make you an SEO expert. You will find every article up to date on the Moz blog.

You can take complete information on any topic related to SEO from it. If you really want to learn SEO, then you must read Moz's blog.

I always read the Moz article which gives me new information about SEO.

4. Semrush

Founder Name =  Dmitri Melnikov & Oleg Schegolev

Domain Rating ( DA) =87 

You must have heard about your Semrush keyword research tool. This is a great SEO tool that helps you find low competition keywords.

 But have you heard about the Semrush blog? This is a great blog in which you can get all the information related to SEO.

Semrush is a great blog. In this, you will find many articles related to SEO, by reading which you can increase your SEO information.

In the Semrush blog, you will find many such case studies in which you are given complete information about the ranking, such as how to rank a new and old blog in Google and to get traffic. You are given this case study by a large SEO expert on the Semrush blog.

5. Ahrefs

Founder Name =Dmitry Gerasimenko

Domain Rating ( DA) = 86

Ahrefs is a good keyword research tool. Ahrefs have grown a lot in the last few years which is why Ahrefs has come at number 5 on our list.

Ahrefs publishes a lot of articles related to SEO, which is very helpful. Ahrefs blog is a great option for a new blogger who wants to learn SEO.

 I am also a part of the family of the Hrefs blog. I enjoy reading the Ahrefs blog because it is very helpful.

This was the 5th blog of our Top 10 Blog for Learn Seo list.

6. Yoast Seo Blog  

Founder Name =Joost de Valk

Domain Rating = 89

If your website is on WordPress then you must have used Yoast SEO plugin.

But do you know about yoast blog?
Related posts from SEO are uploaded on Yoast blog. Most of its posts are about WordPress SEO and ON Page SEO.

If your website is on WordPress and you have to learn SEO, then you can read Yoast blog.

 7. Search Engine Land 

Founder Name = Multi-Author 
Domain Rating = 90

This website was started in 2006 by Danny Sullivan.

On this website, you will find articles related to search engine ranking. This is a very famous website.

It has more than one author who writes articles related to SEO on it.

If you also want to learn SEO quickly, then you can join this website today.

8. SEO By The Sea

Founder Name = Bill Slawski 
Domain Rating = 74

Bill Slawski is a person who knows how he works and how he will work.

He has done a lot of research about how Google works.

So if you also want to know how Google works so that you can get your website ranked in Google according to that, then you can read SEO by the sea website.

You can increase the knowledge of your SEO by reading this website so that you can rank your website.

9. Search Engine Journal 

Founder Name =  Loren Baker 
Domain Rating = 88

Search Engine Journal is another SEO blog.

Through this blog, you can learn about SEO news or SEO. Google keeps exchanging in its algorithms.

If you too want to stay updated with everyone, then you can subscribe to this blog.

Last Word 

 These were some blogs by reading which you can teach SEO and also get your website or blog ranked in Google. If you like this post, you can also share it with your friends.

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