If you are a housewife or you are a mother who is fed up with your deli's housework. So now you don't have to worry, today we have brought home jobs for you.

You can easily do these jobs at home from your laptop according to your time. If you are not doing work in the morning then you can do it at night also. This is the biggest benefit of these jobs. If you are a wife or mother, you can do these jobs after doing your household work.

I hope you are excited to know these jobs.......

We are going to give you complete information about step by step in jobs.

Online Stay At Home Mom Jobs

  1. Teach Online 

If you live in the UK, USA, or Canada So you can easily teach students there online. You will get good money in exchange for this work, now you are wondering about which medium we should teach

So there is nothing to worry about, you will find many such websites on Google, from which you can teach children online.

We have given you the names of the most famous education website.

EF Education –  Best education website in the UK, USA, or Canada. 
QKids  Best education website in the UK, USA, or Canada.
VIPKid – teach English to students (mainly in Asia). Must have a US or Canadian University degree and experience teaching.

This is the best stay at home jobs for moms in 2020.

2. Blogging 

Online Stay At Home Mom Jobs in 2020
Online Stay At Home Mom Jobs in 2020

When I did research to earn money sitting at home, I read a lot of blogs.

 So one thing I found common among all these blogs was blogging. In all these blogs, blogging was described as the best way to earn money online.

 I chose to blog and today I do not need a job. I am my own boss.

Blogging is perfect for those moms who want to earn money sitting at home.

You have to be patient in blogging because in blogging you cannot earn money in just 4 to 5 days. You do not get any money until the first 6 months.

 During this time, you have to write good content on your blog. Then after 6 months, you get to see the result, you would not have thought that because you can earn thousands of dollars a month through blogging.

How much you can Earn Throw  Blogging 

You can make money in blogging in many ways like Google AdSense or mediavine, affiliate marking, sponsorship, etc.

I earn 1000 dollars per month from my blog. But I also know such bloggers who also earn 5000 to 10,000 dollars per month.

If you too are blogging diligently, then you have made blogging your career.

But if you do not know how to start a blog, then read this article. How To Start A Blog In 2020.

3. Online Writing  

Online Stay At Home Mom Jobs in 2020
Online Stay At Home Mom Jobs in 2020

If you like writing then this job is for you. Do you know that you can earn a lot of money by doing online writing work?

You can earn money by writing articles for many blogs and magazines. But for this, your writing skill should be good.

In today's Internet era, the demand for writers has increased. Because almost all businesses are going online today, the company hires content writers to write content on the website or app.

How Much you make from Online Writing Job

It will be difficult to say how much money you can earn from online writing. Because it depends on your writing skill, how much money you can earn from online writing.

When I started online writing, I started working at a lower rate. Today, it has been more than 6 years for me to do online writing jobs.

 Along with the online writing job, I also have a blog that you are reading right now. Now I charge 30 dollars for 1000 words articles from my client.

So if you are looking for a stay at home jobs for moms, then an online writing job is perfect for you.

4. Become Virtual Assistants

Do you enjoy the organization?

If yes, then you are absolutely perfect for this job.

Many online businessmen and YouTubers hire virtual assistants for small tasks and also give them a lot of money.

As virtual assistants, you can work sitting in your house. You have to do the following tasks as virtual assistants.

  • Social Media Manager 
  • Email Manager 
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design 
  • Photo Editing 
  • Content Writing
  • Blog Management 
How Much You can earn throw Virtual Assistant

According to payscale,  An average Virtual Assistant earns 15$ per hour. It can be more, it depends on your experience.

 If you have good experience with Virtual Assistant, you can earn more than 30$ per hour.

5.Become Graphic Designer 

Almost every website owner or businessman needs a graphic designer for their website. Therefore graphic designer is in high demand.

 If you also want to earn money sitting at home, then you can do a graphic designer job. You can do this job at home.

Potential Earnings

There is no fixed income for graphic designers. But an average graphic designer can make 60$ to 50$ feet per hour.

But if you design a logo for a big company, then you can charge from 1000$ to 2000$.

As a graphic designer, you have to do the following Task
  • Logo Design
  • Intro Design
  • Pinterest Pin Design
  • YouTube Thumbnail Design
  • Ads Design
Due to being the best stay home for mom's job, you must try this job once.

6. Become Proofreader 

If you are good at the English language, you can find even the smallest mistake, then you can do the job of Proofreader.

This job is in great demand today. Because we are definitely at fault with a human. When I also write a post on my blog, there is a lot of Grammarly mistake in my article. 

That is why I have hired a Proofreader to find these mistakes.

All these jobs are good for you. You can choose them according to your interest. There is a lot of scope in all these jobs and through this, you can also earn.

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