Hello friends, we are all using masks and gloves during this COVID-19 epidemic. We all know that if we want to avoid infection, we have to use them.

That is why we are using all masks and gloves and will continue to do so. But remember, inadvertence in their use can also put you at risk. So today we will tell you how to use masks and gloves.

Some Steps by which you can keep secure yourself from Corona Virus COVID-19 Step By Step Guide

It is necessary to cover the mouth and nose with a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection and protect yourself. Some people are using masks and gloves that can be washed and reused.

Apart from this, some are wearing disposable surgical masks and gloves. There is also doubt about whether they can be used again or not after using them once.

How useful are surgical masks:

Surgical masks and gloves are destroyed once used. If they are taken care of correctly, they can of course be used again.

If the size of the mask is not changed, remove it and keep it in an air-tight pouch or bag and wash hands. Wear a second mask after sanitizing your hands.

Wash off the mask with warm water and soap. Then wash your hands and apply Sanitizer and Sanitizer the mask as well. If the mask has deteriorated or is diluted, destroy it.

Also keep in mind for the cloth mask that if there is moisture, change the mask immediately. While going to the office, keep two masks with you, it would be better.

The correct way to change the mask:
To remove the mask, do not touch its front part with hands. Always remove it from the back, that is, hold the bandages stuck on the ear and take it forward.

To wear a new mask, hold these straps, and attach them to the ear. Do not place the landed mask on any object or surface, as it may cause infection.

Remember - do not put the mask under the chin.
When removing the mask, pour it directly into the pouch. Whatever the mask, this method of wearing is to be adopted.

Correct use of surgical instruments:

Gloves is designed to be used only once. They are very thin, so once worn, they are no longer useful. Using them again increases the risk of spreading the infection. If you want to use gloves again or again and again, then use gloves that can be washed and worn again.

However, according to the World Health Organization, gloves are not effective in preventing corona infection unless precautions are taken. On the contrary, to avoid infection, washing hands repeatedly is the solution. Also, touching the face with hands is also not allowed. The same precautions have to be followed even after wearing gloves.

If you are wearing gloves while leaving the house, then after returning home, remove them and clean them. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and sanitize.

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