5 unique ways to make money from home

Everyone is stayed home in this lockdown because almost all companies are shut down due to this corona virus or COVID-19 pandemic. Do you want earn money from home in this pandemic? So we are providing all kind of details that can help you to make money from home. So let’s start discussing a new of ways to make money online. 


1. Become an English Teacher: 

English is a global language. Almost all countries use English for conversation or share their information. But a few people can understand and communicate using English. So if you know English very well.   Then you can start your online portal of English teaching and take a huge amount from students. 

make money by selling online photos

2. Make money from Selling Photos:

 If you have a great skill in photography then you can make money from it. Click pictures can be a passion for someone but selling these pictures can give you a good business. Store photographs online on your website which covers almost all topics can be a good idea to make money online.  A photographer can upload his/her photographs to different websites like Magazine, Newspapers, Media, and advertisements website. These websites will buy your images if they like your images. And you can generate revenue from this. 

3. Creating and Uploading How-to videos: 

In the recent few years, their trends increase with high speed that is “How to do blaa blaa?” A lot of people searching on Google as well on Youtube “How to [Your keyword]? So using this method you can increase the number of views and subscribers.

Type “How to + Your Keyboard in Youtube search filed, it will show some suggestions now create a video over topmost keyword suggestions and upload it on Youtube with suitable Title, Description, and Tags. It will rank on Youtube so early and you can get money from this. 

4. Money making by podcasting:  

Podcasting may be another best method of money-making. Podcasting is not much difficult as you consider it. But podcasting is very easy.

You need a laptop, microphone, and free recording software. Record your podcast and upload it on podcast.com. The weekly podcast is enough to make money from podcasting.

5. Part-time or full-time Transcribers:  

If you are a good typist and your typing speed is 90 to 100 words per minutes then you can make money from the transcriber.

 Listen to an audio file and type it on the computer. As a transcriber, you can get paid on the basis of “How fast you type?”

 A transcriber gets paid according to audio hours rather than an hour worked. 

Last Word

These are some unique ways to make money from home. If you enjoy this article please share this post to your friends and other social media platform.

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